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Which jobs are available in Miitopia?

How will you take on the Dark Lord in Miitopia? Select your job wisely.


The world of Miitopia is under siege by the sinister Dark Lord. It's going to take a merry band of heroes to take him down and save everybody's faces. How players go about taking down the Dark Lord will be up to them, because there are a lot of different jobs for players to try out. Jobs are basically another word for classes and a player's selection will determine what types of attacks and abilities are available to them. Let's go over the full list of available jobs.

Which jobs are available in Miitopia?

Not every job is going to be available at the start of Miitopia. After exploring the game's first town and meeting the Dark Lord, players will venture out into the fields of Greenhorne. The Dark Lord will send one of his minions at the player, at which point the charm given to them by the Worried Mother will activate. Players can then select between the Warrior, Mage, Cleric, Thief, Pop Star, and Chef. These six classes will be the only ones playable over the course of the Miitopia demo.

Following the pattern of the original Nintendo 3DS version of Miitopia, the full version of the game will feature additional jobs. Those jobs will become available over the course of the story. Three new jobs will be available after clearing the Greenhorne region. They are the Cat, the Imp, and the Scientist. Completing the Neksdor region will unlock three more jobs. Those jobs are the Tank, the Princess, and the Flower. Two other jobs (the Vampire and the Elf) are hidden behind secret requirements.

The Dark Lord will occasionally lock away the player's power over the course of the story. This will open the door to select a new job. Before the game's final area, players will have the opportunity to freely change jobs. Any progress previously made with other jobs will be saved.

Prepare for a perilous journey when Miitopia comes to Nintendo Switch. Choose your job carefully, though they'll all prove formidable in their own unique way. We will have more information on Miitopia in the days ahead, so follow Shacknews for more guides. Miitopia releases on Friday, May 21, with a free demo available on the Nintendo eShop.

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