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Summer Games Done Quick 2021 schedule includes blindfolded Mario 64 and co-op geese

This year's Summer Games Done Quick will feature blindfolded Mario, tandem geese, and a lot more.


Summer Games Done Quick is preparing to run what is hopefully the last of its virtual speedrunning weeks. This year's SGDQ will be the third consecutive core Games Done Quick event to run online, due to concerns from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. On Monday night, the official schedule for the week-long event was laid out and it contains a handful of amazing runs, including a 70-star blindfolded Super Mario 64 run and a co-op run of Untitled Goose Game.

Runner Bubzia is ready to dazzler GDQ viewers by attempting a Super Mario 64 run blindfolded. Long-time followers of Games Done Quick may stop and ask, "Wait a minute! Didn't Bubzia just do one of those?" Yes, Bubzia did a blinfolded Super Mario 64 run earlier this year at Awesome Games Done Quick 2021. However, that was a 16 star run. This will be a full-blown 70 star run that will presumably include the final battle with Bowser. That will happen on Saturday afternoon and should be an incredible watch. If you want a taste of what to expect, you can check out the 16-star run below.

Untitled Goose Game has also become a big hit at Games Done Quick since its release back in 2019. For this year's SGDQ, viewers are in for a special treat. It will be the first time that two people attempt a full, 100% run with the Untitled Goose Game two-player co-op update. Runners Tasselfoot and Thundar001 will attempt this run with a target time of 32 minutes on Wednesday evening.

Other highlights from this year's schedule include:

  • A Sunday morning F-Zero GX run under the "Snaking All Tracks" category, followed by a four-person, 100% Mega Man X race
  • The GDQ debut of Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection on Monday morning
  • A Super Mario Odyssey "Talkatoo%" run on Monday evening
  • A Castlevania block on Tuesday
  • The GDQ debut of Ghostrunner on Wednesday
  • A six-person Destiny 2 run of the Deep Stone Crypt raid on Thursday
  • The GDQ debut of Factorio on Friday morning
  • The GDQ debut of Bowser's Fury on Saturday
  • The potential GDQ debut of the PS5 version of Demon's Souls, which is a Bonus Game incentive for Saturday
  • The traditional Super Metroid Saturday run, as Oatsngoats, Behemoth87, and ShinyZeni race for 100%
  • Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix on Critical Mode to end the week on Saturday night

All proceeds from Summer Games Done Quick 2021 will go to Doctors Without Borders. The event will take place from July 4-11. You can check out the full schedule over on the Games Done Quick website. The entire event can be seen on the Games Done Quick Twitch channel.

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