World of Tanks: Modern Armor devs talk getting licences to use real tanks

The more advanced tanks get, the more work the team at Wargaming needs to do to bring them to World of Tanks.


World of Tanks: Modern Armor is a massive new addition to World of Tanks, bringing a host of new, modern day tanks to the game. Players can enjoy tanks from the Cold War era of history, which begs the question of how the developers go about acquiring the licences to use real tanks. As it so happens, Shacknews’ own Greg Burke got to sit down with Lead Game Designer Jeff Gregg and Lead Artist (Concepts) Andy Dorizas and pick their brains about designing tanks and the process of gaining licences. Please, check out the video below!

Getting licences to create real tanks in World of Tanks: Modern Armor

The team at Wargaming are incredibly detail-oriented when it comes to designing the tanks that players get to use in World of Tanks. With the World of Tanks: Modern Armor update coming out, players will have access to a host of new vehicles. Jeff Gregg breaks it down into three key areas: Post-war, Escalation (60s-70s, proxy wars), and Détente (70s to early 90s).

Gregg follows on by saying that he would love to use brand new, off of the line tanks, but the team just isn’t there yet. In terms of adding modern day tanks to the game, Gregg continues that if they do that, the modern tanks, “Better be able to do x, y, and z.” As tanks become more complex, the systems in the game need to follow suit. There’s also the situation whereby combat happens at greater and greater distances, to the point that you might not even see an enemy – the question then is, how do you make this fun?

As for the tricky situation of licencing tanks, Andy Dorizas summarizes it quite succinctly with, “We let the lawyers handle it.” Regardless of the product that gets put out, the lawyers at Wargaming are hard at work doing legal investigations into each and every part. There’s plenty more goodness tucked into the video, so make sure you watch it all. If you like what you saw, be sure to stop by the GamerHubTV and Shacknews YouTube channels where there is plenty of more excellent interviews for you to enjoy!

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