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Best Mods - Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is a pretty wild story, but that's nothing some modding can't do to make it all a little wilder. Peruse some of the best the internet has to offer so far.


Capcom has gone out of its way to make Resident Evil Village into dang near one of the most perfect games in the series in terms of action, thrills, and gunplay. It’s not just one of our favorite in the franchise, but also beloved among other critics and fans around the world. That said, we wholeheartedly believe there’s not a single game out there that a little modding can’t make just a little bit better. Resident Evil Village is no exception. The modding community has gone a little bit wild to put some interesting mods together. From the nostalgic to the downright bizarre, we’ve pulled the best there is so far together in one place for your perusal. Check it out.

Best Mods - Resident Evil Village

Fluffy Manager (mod manager and FOV trainer)

From creator FluffyQuack, you might as well think of Fluffy Manager as your gateway to what the rest of the modding community offers. This mod acts as a manager that allows you to easily install and utilize mods at your leisure. On top of that, it includes a trainer for adjusting the game’s FOV which is a setting missing from the game. For that alone it’s handy, but you’re going to need this one to get at anything else, so be sure to pick it up before you go any further.

Count Theodora

This was bound to happen, but XxCRAZYPOTATOxX went ahead and did it. This is your terrifying Thomas the Tank Engine mod for Resident Evil Village, lovingly swapping out the head of Lady Dimetrescu for the nightmare-fueled visage of Thomas, albeit with a little artistic tweak to make him (her? it?) a little more terrifying. Want Count Theodora’s outfit to match her new visage? You can even change the color of her dress to fit in better with her blue tank engine head, body, and soulless wide-eyed stare. Sweet dreams.

Mini Me Chris

Creator JTegh really tapped a need with this one. Chris Redfield is a man’s man. He’s a boulder punching bad a** that don’t take no guff. Some would say if you want a kid, it should be like Chris. Well, with this Mini Me Chris mod, your dreams of a baby as cool as Chris come closer to reality. This mod gives little baby Rose the chiseled Chris visage of your dreams. She’ll be unimpressed with stories, stoic through sleepy time, and undeniably angry when rudely awakened. Sure there will be villains trying to take your baby away, but who wouldn’t when your baby is this cool?

Baby over Chris Face

So what if you’re of the opposite mind? What if you want Chris to drop the gruff exterior and be as soft as a newborn. Or maybe you just want to swap Chris and baby Rosemary around? Well, JTegh once again has you covered with this mod that puts Rose’s head on Chris’s body.  Yes, it’s a little terrifying to see the intense Rose Redfield handling a freshly awakened Chris baby in such a rough manner, but it couldn’t be terribly worse than the alternative?

Ethan Winters Revealed

It’s a little weird that in most matters, the face of Ethan Winters is obscured or blanked out entirely. There’s probably an every person factor or maybe they don’t want to break immersion that you should be Ethan, but it also seems pretty clear that there was originally something there and this mod from SilverEzredes restores Ethan Winters to his fully designed form. Sure, Ethan Winters may look like if dehydrated milk was a person, but if you were tired of leaving him to your imagination, this is the mod for you.

Cassandra Playable

Lady Dimetrescu’s daughters are formidable, to say the least, so this mod puts you in the role of one of them. Sure, you don’t have their buggy powers, and you can survive situations they can’t, but this mod from DarknessRvaltier nonetheless replaces Ethan’s model with Cassandra’s, hood, gloves, and all. It will be a little weird surviving and battling your mom and sisters, but heck with them, right? Live your life as a strong, independent, blood-hungry woman.

Samurai Edge Custom

The Samurai Edge handguns are a legendary set of weapons in Resident Evil lore. Custom crafted by gunsmith Robert Kendo individually for each member of the S.T.A.R.S. police team, these weapons have been mainstays of the entire series in one way or another for their multiple iconic appearances. Now you can bring the legendary weapon back into Village with this mod, replacing the first LEMI pistol with several Samurai Edge models, complete with customized part functionality and visuals.

Lady X

Resident Evil Village’s iconic Lady Dimetrescu serves a purpose not far off from the deadly Mr. X in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Wandering her domain, she will chase you down and do terrible things to you if you let her. In honor of their similarities, ZombieAli crafted a mod to bring them a bit closer. This mod makes Lady D look a bit more like her functional predecessor, giving her his same facial texturing and eyes to turn her into Lady X. We just hope you like your Dimetrescu a little more textured.

And that covered our mod list for now. We’ll be on the lookout for even better mods as they become available, so be sure to check back soon! In the meantime, read up on our review of the base game or check out our guides if you need a hand finding anything particularly troublesome in the game.

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