HTC introduce all-in-one VIVE Focus 3 VR headset with 5K display... for $1300

HTC's VIVECon 2021 shared the Focus 3 VR headset. It's a pretty burly all-in-one machine for professional VR purposes with a burly price to match.


Ever since the Oculus Quest 2 launched in 2020, VR enthusiasts have dreamed of an expanded field in which further VR hardware developers would create their own all-in-one solution in competition. There was hope of that with VIVECon 2021 going on today and the promise of new headsets to be shown during the event. HTC did, in fact, deliver It introduced an all-in-one VR solution in the form of the VIVE Focus 3. Unfortunately, it’s a professional-level model with a $1300 price tag.

The VIVE Focus 3 headset was revealed during HTC’s VIVECon 2021 event keynote on May 11, 2021. This headset certainly is meant to be a sturdy choice in all-in-one VR technology. One of the topline details of the headset is a 5K display (2448 x 2448 pixels per eye for a combined 4896 x 2448). The standard refresh rate is 90Hz with a 120 degree field of view and VIVE Inside Out tracking to provide accurate movement and spacial response. All of it is supported by a 26.6Wh battery that can be removed and swapped with ease. The price? It starts at $1300.

The VIVE Focus 3 is a professional grade model to be sure. It’s meant to provide for business and commercial use and represents some of the most cutting edge specs we’ve seen in a VR headset up to this point. That said, it’s unfortunate that HTC won’t seem to have a more consumer and wallet-friendly option. Besides Half-Life: Alyx acting as one of the most important games of 2020 and for VR in general, the Oculus Quest 2 had a heavy hand in making VR exciting and obtainable last year. But it wasn’t without drawbacks. Facebook’s intense anti-consumer practices and requirement for regular operation of the Oculus Quest 2 made for a huge drawback on an otherwise stellar machine.

The VIVE Focus 3 is set to get a June 24 release date alongside several other HTC VIVE products. Here’s hoping that with the Focus 3 setting the groundwork, HTC also works its way towards a consumer-friendly version following its launch.

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