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Riot Games reveals Replication, Valorant's newest game mode

Replication mode will see full teams playing as the same Agent.


With Valorant’s core modes being straightforward and simple, developer Riot Games is often looking for ways to shake up the gameplay. Alternate game modes offer unique changes such as powerups and abilities. Riot Games has revealed the newest game mode, Replication, which will be available with the launch of patch 2.09.

Replication follows the same rules as Valorant’s unrated mode, where players on offense and defense attempt to either plant the spike or defend the objective, respectively. The twist in Replication mode is that players on a team will all play as the same Agent. During the Agent selection screen, players will vote on what Agent they want to play as. All players on a team will play as the Agent that wins the vote. The first team to win five rounds wins the game.

In Replication, player abilities will refresh every round, besides Ultimates. What’s more, all players will receive a set amount of credits at the beginning of every round, regardless of performance. Credit values ascend in this order: 900, 2400, 3900, and 6000.

With every player playing as the same Agent, it’s likely that there will be scenarios where a player is bombarded with flashes. Because of this, Replication mode features the Flashguard mechanic. If a player is blinded twice within four seconds, Flashguard will prevent them from being flashed again for another five seconds.

Replication mode will replace Escalation mode for two weeks. Following that, Riot Games will rotate bonus modes in and out. Replication will be live when patch 2.09 goes live. Stick with Shacknews for more on Valorant.

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