Shacknews Dump - May 7, 2021

Nintendo is giving us a way to make games, but Apple and Epic's court case has us wondering, what even is a game? Find out on this week's Shacknews Dump.


If every, oh ever, a Dump there was, the Shacknews Dump is one because we bring the news to you every week from the topics that made up the game industry’s peak. It was a tough rhyme to rap, but we made it work, much like Nintendo will make you work to create your own video games on this week’s Dump!

On this May 7 edition of the Shacknews Dump, Nintendo is set to show us how to make games with the surprise announcement of Game Builder Garage. But what is a game? That’s among the many questions going on at the heated trial of Epic v. Apple this week, which aired out everyone’s dirty laundry in the industry.

Learn about all the leaks that have gone on this week, as well as other spicy gaming news as we go live with the Shacknews Dump on the Shacknews Twitch channel at 1:45 p.m. PT / 3:45 p.m. ET. You can also watch just below.

Here’s the rundown of topics on this week’s Shacknews Dump:

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What is a game? Will a Nintendo game built in Game Builder Garage truly be a game as deemed by the lawful courts? We’ll try to answer all these questions and more as we go live with the Shacknews Dump shortly.

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TJ Denzer is a player and writer with a passion for games that has dominated a lifetime. He found his way to the Shacknews roster in late 2019 and has worked his way to Senior News Editor since. Between news coverage, he also aides notably in livestream projects like the indie game-focused Indie-licious, the Shacknews Stimulus Games, and the Shacknews Dump. You can reach him at and also find him on Twitter @JohnnyChugs.

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