Evening Reading - May 6, 2021

Evening has fallen over America, so let's officially close out our day of posting with some Evening Reading.


Hey hey Shacknews, I hope this evening finds you safe and sound, snug as the preverbial bug. Another day has faded into night which means it's time to close out the day with a recap of our top stories and some spicy memes from around the 'net. Please take a look.

In case you missed it at Shacknews:

And now... Other Stuff From The Internet!!!

Anthony Davis will straight up execute his competition

I hope he's a good getaway driver.

Speaking of basketball players

You think Lady Alcina Dimitrescu wears Converse?

Look at this bidoof's ass

Every time I do it makes me laugh.

The hedgehog wins by a quill

I wonder what kind of terrible emotes Twitch will roll out for the Olympics.

Sir, you're clearly agitated and bothering the customers

Alright, eighty-six the lizard.

This show is getting a lot of hype

I guess I need to watch this one, too.

Wholesome gaming comics...

...are terrible because now I feel old watching people think these games are old.

MiSTer FPGA...

...is the future of yesterday! MvC in hardware emulation, let's go!

"T-Swift as books" likes ska

And so should you! Take a gander at this awesome new book and make sure you pick it up!

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