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Gotham Knights' Sloane Morgan Siegel discusses voicing Robin

Before we explore a world without Batman, Shacknews goes one-on-one with the voice of Gotham Knights' Tim Drake, Sloane Morgan Siegel.


Warner Bros. Montreal is stepping into a Gotham City without a Batman. Just because the Dark Knight is gone, though, doesn't mean the city doesn't have its protectors. One of those guardians is Tim Drake, the series' current Robin, who's voiced by actor Sloane Morgan Siegel. Video Editor Greg Burke recently got to chat with Siegel about preparing for this role.

"I got 'A Death in the Family' and I got 'Court of Owls,' just because everyone knows that, because they saw the trailer," Siegel told Shacknews. "And I was like, 'I'm gonna read all this stuff and see what to do.' I just wanted to learn about the character, so I did that. I watched a bunch of breakdowns online. I started looking into all sorts of things. I just wanted to learn about the character and I looked for animated representations of Tim, as well. I watched, obviously, Young Justice and I watched a little bit of Batman: The Animated Series. I just wanted to compile everything I knew about the character. From my interpretation of him, I wanted him to be calculated, and smart, and cool, but also, I wanted to keep that young, kid-like whimsy, because he does sometimes act like a kid. As smart as he can be, as serious as he can be, and as calculated as he can be, he is just a kid, so I wanted to be as natural as possible and as serious as possible at the same time, because when he's Robin, he has to be taken seriously."

Siegel also talks about his life as an actor, what it means to be a voice actor, and his background as a comic book fan. He tells a few anecdotes about his exchanges with some of the other Gotham Knights actors, while also making sure to carefully step around spoiling any of the events of the upcoming game. He also talks about the motion capture process and how it's been affected by the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

It'll be a while before players can get their hands on Gotham Knights. The game has been delayed to 2022, though WB Montreal is promising updates in the months ahead. We'll be following those updates here at Shacknews and will be delivering the latest news as it comes in. For more interviews like this one, be sure to subscribe to Shacknews and GamerHubTV on YouTube.

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