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Doom Eternal's in-game collectible figures are coming to a toy line from Numskull Designs

Fans won't have to scour the depths of Hell to find Numskull's version of the hidden Doom Eternal figures. You just need to wait till July when they launch.


One of the funnier easter eggs of Doom Eternal was the hidden figures that came over from the Doom 2016 remake, expanding from just different versions of the Doom Slayer to the entire cast of monsters and demons he faced as well. These figures were carefully hidden throughout the game and you had to be diligent to find them all. But pretty soon, you’ll be able to add real-life versions of them to your shelf. Numskull Designs, Bethesda, and id Software have teamed up to bring these figures to a new toy line with a first wave of figures launching this coming July 2021.

Numskull Design announced its new line of Doom Eternal figures with a press release and a video teaser on the Numskull Designs YouTube channel on April 29, 2021. There are a wide array of figures on the way in the line, but the first set will feature the Cacodemon, Imp, Arachnotron, and, of course, the Doom Slayer himself. These four will be launching sometime in July 2021.

That’s just the starting lineup too. Further fantastic looking figures are on the way in, which seem to include the Zombie, Demon, Hell Knight, Revenant, Mancubus, Marauder, and Arch-vile. These particular figures are confirmed, though they don’t have a release date just yet.

Doom Eternal was a decent-enough follow-up on the epic return of Doom in 2016. The game looks absolutely incredible and plays as smooth as its predecessor despite demanding some odd tactics from players for a Doom game. Nonetheless, it’s been a pretty great game extended by the addition of DLC like The Ancient Gods.

If you’d like to bring a fun little piece of Doom Eternal out of the game and put it on your shelf, stay tuned for the first wave of Numskull Designs’ Doom Eternal figures coming in July. Furthermore, stay tuned for dates and details on when further waves of these figures launch.

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