Hall of the Four mask locations - Resident Evil Village

Find each of the four masks for the Hall of the Four lock puzzle in Resident Evil Village.


The Hall of the Four is a classic lock mechanism in Resident Evil Village. In order to open the door to claim your freedom, you’ll need to find four unique masks that are dotted around Castle Dimitrescu. It can be easy to miss them if you’re in a hurry, which is no doubt going to be the case with Lady Dimitrescu hot on your heels.

Hall of the Four – Mask locations

resident evil village hall of the four mask locations

There are four masks to find for the Hall of the Four lock mechanism in Castle Dimitrescu. There is the Mask of Sorrow, Mask of Joy, Mask of Rage, and Mask of Pleasure. Each mask is really only accessible after you’ve reached the previous one, meaning the Mask of Rage can only be acquired if you’ve already passed the Mask of Joy.

To make locating the four masks easier, check the map of Castle Dimitrescu as each mask is in a room that is labelled with its name. For example, the Mask of Rage is in the Tower of Rage.

Mask of Sorrow – B2

resident evil village mask of sorrow

The Mask of Sorrow is found immediately after encountering Lady Dimitrescu in the dungeon below the Courtyard. This one can’t really be missed, as it’s required to progress. Grab the mask and ride the elevator up to the Courtyard.

Mask of Joy – 2F

resident evil village mask of joy

The Mask of Joy is right before the Atelier room, after the Library. This one can be somewhat easy to miss if you’re focused on the door to your left, as opposed to searching the room (and if you’re running from Lady Dimitrescu).

Mask of Rage – PH

resident evil village mask of rage

The Mask of Rage is found on the rooftop after the zipline. This area is reached through the Atelier and its five bell puzzle. You will need to use the zipline from the Belfry tower down to the Tower of Rage.

Mask of Pleasure – 2F

resident evil village mask of pleasure

The Mask of Pleasure is the last one you can acquire, as it’s behind a door locked with Dimitrescu’s key. You will need to grab the mask, crawl through to the next room, defeat the daughter and then grab the deer skull. You can remove the deer skull from the wall mount and socket it into the statue to raise the gate.

When you have all four masks from their various locations, you can return to the Hall of the Four and plug them all in. After all the masks are on the correct pedestals, you can continue on your journey to find Rose. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Resident Evil Village page for more help with various puzzles and item locations.

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