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Pokemon GO kicks off New Pokemon Snap tie-in event today

Before you journey to the Lental region, take out your phones and get ready to celebrate New Pokemon Snap with a special Pokemon GO event.


This is a big weekend for the Pokemon franchise. New Pokemon Snap brings Pokemon photography back to console gaming for the first time in over 20 years. Not one to miss out on a party, the team at Niantic Labs is getting in on the celebration with a special Pokemon GO event kicking off today.

The New Pokemon Snap Celebration gives fans an idea of what to expect from the upcoming photography game. Players can find dozens of Pokemon that can be found grazing along the Lental region. Some Pokemon like Lotad, Cacnea, and Ducklett can be found more often in the wild, while others like Vaporeon, Meganium, and Trapinch can be found in raids.

Long-time Pokemon GO players may recall that the mobile collection game added a Snapshot feature back in 2019 in an effort to harken back to the days of the original Pokemon Snap. Not surprisingly, there's an event tied to this feature. Smeargle can be found in player snapshots more often. Plus, this will be the first opportunity for users to find a Shiny Smeargle among the pack.

Lastly, expect to see new Field Research and Timed Research tied to to the snapshots feature, as well as a camera avatar item and camera-themed Gift sticker over the course of the event. The sticker will show up across various PokeStops.

If you're on the fence about New Pokemon Snap, you can check out our review from earlier this week. That game comes exclusively to Nintendo Switch this Friday. As for the New Pokemon Snap Celebration in Pokemon GO, that is underway right now and will run until Sunday, May 2 at 8 p.m. local time. For more on this weekend's event, be sure to visit the Pokemon GO website.

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