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Scavengers developer Midwinter Entertainment on the game's evolution

Greg Burke sits down with Midwinter Entertainment to discuss Scavengers and how the game has changed from beta testing to its launch into early access.


Scavengers is a new competitive sandbox shooter that combines survival and battle royale elements and we got to talk to Midwinter Entertainment about the game and its evolution from its recent beta tests to its launch into early access on April 28, 2021. With a unique twist on the now-common open-map competitive shooter formula, Scavengers offers player-versus-environment-versus-player gameplay that will find players using multiple strategies in order to complete their ultimate goal of staying alive. Tracking enemies, using storms and shelters, taking advantage of wildlife, and balancing between stealthy or gutsy gunplay are just a few examples of how Scavengers provides ways for squads to conquer the frozen wastes.

Head of Production, Mary Olson, and Josh Holmes, CEO and Co-Founder of Midwinter Entertainment, sit down for a chat with our Head of Video Production, Greg Burke, about the development of Scavengers.

Mary Olson and Josh Holmes discuss how Scavengers has changed since its closed beta and how players are finding new ways to cooperate while they compete for data points and fight against environmental AI. Also covered are the difficulties in creating a new game under pandemic conditions and how Midwinter Entertainment has found ways to stay together in the game while being distanced in reality. The discussion then goes deeper into the world that Scavengers is building as well as the PvEvP systems that make the game so unique.

Scavengers is now available on Steam as an Early Access Game and any returning players from previous playtests or the closed beta can jump straight into the freezing fracas. If you've already obtained a Steam key for Scavengers, that will work as well. For new players and those excited to join the strategic shooter, onboarding is currently being handled via Twitch drops on Scavengers streams that have them enabled. The official Scavengers YouTube channel has a video here with step-by-step instructions.

For more on Scavengers and the newest survival sandbox battle royale sensation, be sure to check out our preview of the game ahead of its early access launch. If you'd like to stay up-to-date on any developing news for Scavengers, keep a tab open on our topic page for the game.

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