Hearthstone Battlegrounds will add Quilboars next week

A brand new minion type is about to enter the Hearthstone Battlegrounds, along with three new heroes.


What does Hearthstone Battlegrounds do once all of the game's miinon types have been used up? The answer is simply to make a new one. On Wednesday, Blizzard outlined the next big step for Hearthstone's popular Battlegrounds mode. The upcoming 20.2 update will add some new playable heroes, as well as an entirely new minion type: the Quilboars.

Before getting to the Quilboars, three brand new heroes are about to make their Hearthstone Battlegrounds debut. Xyrella will have a 2-Cost Hero Power called See the Light. This allows players to add any minion in Bob's Tavern to their hand, but its stats will be set at 2/2. Vol'jin has a Hero Power that could prove wildly broken. It's called Spirit Swap and it swaps stats between any two minions and it costs (0)! Lastly, there's Death Speaker Blackthorn, who uses a Passive Hero Power called Bloodbound. Bloodbound will add two Blood Gems to a player's hand after upgrading Bob's Tavern. Blood Gems are a new mechanic, which will give a friendly minion +1/+1.

As for the Quilboars, they'll slide right in with Battlegrounds' other various minion types. There will be 17 new Quilboar minions available, some of which will give players Blood Gems to upgrade their other minions. These minions are all worth taking a look at, so look for Shacknews to break those down at a later date. All Battlegrounds will continue to operate with five minion types per session, but every session going forward for the next several weeks will feature Quilboars.

Lastly, Blizzard would like to help new and returning Hearthstone players get into the thick of the current meta, so the team is introducing Battle-Ready Decks. These are full decks that can be purchased and used in Standard and Wild games. These decks will be available for a limited time for $19.99 USD. That's... a lot of money, but fortunately, veteran Hearthstone players can check out today's post on the Hearthstone website and get individual Deck Codes right now. Who knows, maybe you already have the cards you need in your collection right now?

Hearthstone's 20.2 update will arrive on Tuesday, May 4. We'll have more on this Battlegrounds update in the days ahead. But whether this is the end of the update's features remains to be seen. We'll be keeping our eye out for balance changes, so keep it on Shacknews for the latest news.

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