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Evening Reading - April 27, 2021

It's night time in America, which means it is time for another edition of Shacknews Evening Reading.


Good evening, Shacknews. It's night time, which means it's time for Evening Reading. Let's officially close out our Tuesday of posting. Please take a look.

In case you missed it at Shacknews:

And now... Other Stuff From The Internet!!!

Ono x Fate/GO = microtransaction feverdream

I think Yoshinori Ono should be praised for the fantastic fighting series he's helped keep relevant, but the idea of the guy who presided over SFV's Fight Money and microtransactions heading to the developer that makes one of the most addictive (and predatory) gacha games around sounds like a match made in hell.

Might I interest you in some smooth Palpatine?

I had to see it, so you do too. So smooth.

Roku's might lose the YouTube app to Google's anti-competitive demands

Funny enough, Google's anti-competitive practices also just led it to its all-time high stock price. Hooray for corporate greed, I guess.

Facebook blocked its own employees from an internal January 6 insurrection report

As always, Facebook continues to either not know or not care enough to police itself properly. Just a reminder that Zuckerberg blamed insurrectionist planning on Facebook entirely on the insurrectionists.

In lighter news, Loop Daddy's snappin to a Slim Jim

I'd bet money Marc Rebillet has a good Randy Savage impression.

There's a $400 Esports Certification exam out there and it's a doozy

If two buses carrying two Overwatch teams leave Dallas and Philadelphia facilities at 1 p.m. ET,  approaching each other at a speed of 40 and 60 mph respectively, approximately how stupid is the concept of this $400 ECI exam? 

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Flaff is a very good doggo.
Flaff is a very good doggo.

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