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Star Wars: The Old Republic update 6.3 patch notes enter The Dark Descent today

What brought Darth Malgus to a familiar Knights of the Old Republic site? Find out in the latest update to Star Wars: The Old Republic.


Darth Malgus has been a recurring character in Star Wars: The Old Republic throughout its history. He's back again in the game's latest update, which is being called The Dark Descent. The mystery of Darth Malgus' latest machinations are a central component of The Old Republic's 6.3 update, but it won't be all that players can expect to see.

A new Flashpoint called Secrets of the Enclave will take players to a secret Jedi Enclave on the planet Dantooine. This should look familiar to fans of the classic Knights of the Old Republic, but the reasons for coming here aren't just for pure nostalgia. There are plans afoot and it'll be up to players to uncover what brought Darth Malgus here.

"In Secrets of the Enclave, you get to revisit the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine--a truly nostalgic place for all the Knights of the Old Republic fans out there," World Designer Allison Berryman explained on the Star Wars: The Old Republic website. "Like several recent Flashpoints, it has a Solo-Story mode that takes you on the full adventure alongside the typical single-player, Veteran, and Master Modes. We've been wanting to peek inside the enclave for some time in our game (and we know fans have, too), and our recent storylines finally gave us a great reason to go inside. You'll be pursuing Malgus and trying to figure out what his plans are as you fight your way through the ruins."

The Star Wars: The Old Republic 6.3 update will also introduce Galactic Seasons. Built on the battle pass formula, Galactic Seasons will allow players to earn rewards based on their feats within the game. There are 100 Reward Levels in each season and players can make their way through them by completing various daily and weekly challenges. If you're a Star Wars: The Old Republic subscriber, you'll already have access to the bonus Reward Track. If you're just casually surfing SW:TOR as a free-to-play user, you'll still get to take part in the free track. The first Galactic Season is titled The Stranger From Kubindi, named for the new unlockable Kubaz companion character available as part of the Reward Track.

Star Wars Day is coming up, so if you're jumping back into SW:TOR after some time away, a Double XP period will run from May 4-18. The Star Wars: The Old Republic 6.3 update is running now, including on Steam. For the full list of bug fixes, balance tweaks, quality-of-life improvements, and information on Ranked PvP Season 14, be sure to browse through the full 6.3 patch notes page.

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