Humble Choice Bundle for May includes upgraded Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus leads the pack for May's Humble Choice subscription bundle. That's the same Metro Exodus that's days away from getting a major upgrade.


The team at Humble Bundle has offered an idea of what's coming in next month's Humble Choice subscription bundle. PC users have a lot to get excited about, as the May bundle will be headlined by Metro Exodus. That's the same Metro Exodus that's just days away from getting a special upgrade.

For those who may not remember, earlier this year, the Metro Exodus website went into detail on the upcoming Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition. Initially announced for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the PC was also said to be getting a special enhanced edition. This version will feature Ray Tracing and DLSS 2.0 support, among other major improvements aimed at high-end PC users. While the Humble Choice bundle will feature the vanilla version of Metro Exodus, it will be eligible for the Enhanced Edition upgrades as soon as they go live on May 6.

Let's go back to our original review, for those who may have missed Metro Exodus' initial release:

There’s a lot to love about this new way that 4A has approached the story in Metro Exodus. While I will say I wasn’t the biggest fan of the large, open-world portions, overall the experience is tied together extremely well. This allows it to deliver a tense and unforgettable experience that helps to bring Artyom’s story to a nice close, should the developer want to move on and tell other stories within this world.

In addition to Metro Exodus, players can also look forward to picking up Darksiders Genesis and Hellpoint. More games will be revealed before the Humble Choice bundle goes live on Tuesday, May 4.

For the month of May, a portion of sales will go towards the Active Minds charity. Active Minds is a charity aimed at high school and college students and focuses on reducing the stigma surrounding mental health, creates a sense of community, and offers support to those who need it.

You can learn more about the Humble Choice bundle for May on the Humble Bundle website. For more from Humble Bundle and from other gaming retailers across the PC gaming space, make sure to follow our Weekend PC Download Deals posts every Friday afternoon.

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