Luigi is joining the LEGO Mario universe with his own starter course in August 2021

LEGO Luigi will have his own unique interactions with characters like Yoshi and Boom Boom and pre-orders are open now.


Not too long ago, LEGO Mario toys got an update in which the blocky little plumber started mentioning Luigi for some reason, despite a LEGO Luigi not existing quite yet. A few days later, Nintendo has unveiled the reason. LEGO Luigi is indeed coming to the line-up of LEGO Mario playsets with his own Adventures with Luigi Starter Course. It’ll be available in August 2021 and is up for pre-orders now.

Nintendo and LEGO introduced LEGO Luigi and his upcoming playset on the Nintendo of America Twitter on April 20, 2021, alongside a link to the product page for pre-order. LEGO Luigi is an electronic LEGO figure like Mario, featuring his own sounds, interactions, and fun. He’ll be a centerpiece of the new Adventures with Luigi Starter Couse, which will be available on the LEGO online store and through various retailers starting on August 1, 2021. Pre-orders have also opened for the playset. It’ll retail for $59.99. Besides Luigi, it also includes Yoshi and Boom Boom characters and a fun array of new obstacles to build, arrange, and play with to your liking.

LEGO Super Mario has been a delightful concept ever since it was first teased by Nintendo back in March 2020. The original set and each one that comes after allows players to build LEGO Mario levels to their hearts content and even play with them in interesting ways. We’ve seen plenty of expansions including an entire Bowser’s Castle set, outfit Power-Up Packs that give Mario new ways to play, and plenty more. What we haven’t seen up to this point is regular second banana Luigi, but it’s fun to see that’s changing.

With Luigi finally coming to the LEGO Super Mario collection in the Adventures with Luigi Starter Course, in August, it looks like we’re just a few months away from it truly being LEGO Luigi time. Stay tuned for further updates and information, such as new reveals, launch dates, and pricing for more LEGO Super Mario products.

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