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Apple approves Parler to return to the App Store

The controversial social media application is headed back into Apple's ecosystem after being deplatformed earlier this year.


One of the biggest stories in the social media world earlier this year was that of Parler. Following the attack on the United States Capitol in January, many pointed Parler out as a platform used to discuss and organize the attack. In response, Parler was pulled from most major digital storefronts, severely limiting the reach of its users. Now, it looks like Parler is set to make a return, as Apple has approved the social media platform to return to the App Store. 

This news comes from a CNN Business report, in which the publication cited a letter that Apple recently sent to congress. When Apple originally removed Parler from the App Store, the company stated that Parler needed better moderation in order to exist on the platform. Well, those standards must have been met. Parler is due to soon return to the App Store.

At the time it was being pulled from various digital platforms, Parler leadership implied that the actions taken against it we’re coordinated between various tech companies. In Monday's letter, Apple said its decision to pull Parler from the App Store was "an independent decision" and that the company "did not coordinate or otherwise consult with Google or Amazon with respect to that decision."

In the weeks following Parler’s removal from various digital platforms, its board of directors chose to remove CEO John Matze from his duties. The board explained that the decision was made because Matze’s vision was not the same one shared by board members.

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