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Aztech: Forgotten Gods announced for fall release on Switch

Ancient weaponry meets future technology in Aztech: Forgotten Gods from Mexican development team Lienzo.


Wednesday's Indie World presentation continued with a look at a new game from Mexican development team Lienzo. It's a tale of a village of people, as they come under attack by the ancient gods.

The first trailer for Aztech: Forgotten Gods showed off some exciting 3D action, showing the story of humans, led by lead character Achtli. She was on an archeological dig with her mother until they accidentally cause an explosion, which releases ancient giants, who seek to destroy the surrounding cities. The game mixes together standard platforming, ancient Aztec weaponry, and technological machinery, which will aid in the battle against gods run amok. Achtli will explore a vast Mesoamerican metropolis, meet various characters also embroiled in the fight with the giants, seek out the gods and the reasons they disappeared from the world, and look to upgrade her arm gauntlet to help her in the treacherous battles ahead. There's also the mystery of a mysterious being calling himself Tez, which has found his way into Achtli's mind.

This game is the latest effort from the team at Lienzo, an independent studio located in Mexico. Their previous game was Mulaka, which told the story of the Tarahumara indigenous culture who were based in the northern part of Mexico. That game released back in 2018.

Aztech: Forgotten Gods will come to Nintendo Switch this fall. It will also be released on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. There's plenty more from today's Indie World presentation, so keep it on Shacknews for the latest developments.

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