Behaviour Interactive teases Dead by Daylight's Coldwind Farm map rework

It looks like we'll be walking among newly redefined rows as Behaviour Interactive prepares a revamped Coldwind Farm for Dead by Daylight.


As Behaviour Interactive continues to work on Dead by Daylight’s The Realm Beyond remastering of all of the game’s graphics, the developers continue boost each bit of older content little by little. Dead by Daylight’s maps, killers, and other features have seen a multitude of improvements already, and if the latest teases from Behaviour are any indication, it would appear that Coldwind Farm is the latest map in the game to get some love and glow-up.

Behaviour Interactive teased a look at the visual updates coming to Coldwind Farm via the Dead by Daylight Twitter on April 12, 2021. The tease shows off a wealth of looks at different aspects of the farm that are being improved. Lighting, shadows, and textures on features like the farmhouse, tree leaves, hay bales, and corn have seen a notable update from the map’s previous look. The barn, toppled silo, and killer’s shack are looking ricketier, and the iconic corn rows that mark the centerpiece of the map are looking livelier than ever, despite any murder probably bound to happen within them.

Dead by Daylight is just coming off of the launch of its newest killer and survivor set, a K-pop  pair featuring a homicidal, knife-slinging star and the manager that apparently enabled his murderous tendencies. Not only that, Dead by Daylight features such as the Crotus Prenn Asylum map and the Nurse and Clown killers have recently gotten a wealth of graphic and animation updates to bring them in line with the more current content. Meanwhile, Behaviour has continued its work on accessibility features in addition to the in-progress Colorblind Mode, including recent teases of a system that replaces the mashing during struggling with single-key skill checks similar to generator repair and healing.

It would appear that we can expect Coldwind Farm’s update to be coming very shortly. Want to learn more about Behaviour Interactive’s continued work on Dead by Daylight updates and remastering? Be sure to check out our recent interview about Dead by Daylight: The Realm Beyond, as well as the philosophies behind what comes next for the game.

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