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What are the Twitch Reaction and Gifted Sub bounties in Destiny 2?

Twitch Gifted Sub bounties reward Destiny 2 players with some goodies. Here's how to get them.


It’s not every day that Destiny 2 veterans need to look up what something is, but here we are. Some players may have noticed a recent TWAB mentioned Twitch Reaction and Gifted Sub bounties in Destiny 2. For those not in the know, these are both ways of interacting with a streamer that is playing Destiny 2, though, only one of them will actively reward you with goods.

Twitch Gifted Sub bounties

destiny 2 gifted sub bounties twitch
Completing the Gifted Sub bounties on Twitch rewards you with Trials tokens, Enhancement Cores, and more.

As mentioned in the This Week at Bungie on April 8, the Twitch Gifted Sub bounties are a type of reward players can receive for gifting subs to a streamer. Essentially, buy purchasing Twitch gift subs, and using them to support a Twitch streamer, you will be able to earn some in-game rewards. The rewards you get are:

  • Glimmer
  • Trials Tokens
  • Enhancement Cores
  • Exclusive Twitch Shaders
  • Exclusive Twitch Emblem

To actually get these rewards, you will need to have a Destiny 2, Bungie, and Twitch account. All of these will need to be verified and the Bungie account must be linked to Twitch. Once this is done, you will be able to buy and gift subs to your favorite Destiny 2 streamers and receive the above rewards for your offering.

Twitch Reaction bounties

The Bungie support page that covers Gifted Sub bounties also goes into some detail about Twitch Reaction bounties. These don’t reward anything for the viewer and are more of a means of viewers engaging in content.

According to the support page:

Reaction bounties allow viewers to engage with the outcome of Trials of Osiris matches by sending end of match reactions to the streamer. At the conclusion of a Trials of Osiris match viewers will see a reaction menu displayed at the bottom of the stream, and will have approximately 30 seconds after the match concludes to send a reaction. The total reactions of each type will be displayed in chat once this period ends.

You can check out the Twitch Extension Support page for more details on linking your Twitch and Bungie account as well as information on the Gifted Sub bounties and Reaction mechanic. Those who want to get a bit more out of Destiny 2 will likely want to take advantage of this, especially for those Enhancement Cores. Check out our guide on how to get Enhancement Cores if you’re running low. While you’re out there, read over the Shacknews Destiny 2 Complete Guide for more helpful bits and pieces.

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