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How to get fruit to respawn - PAC-MAN 99

Get more fruit in your maze in PAC-MAN 99 so you can reset the board and get more ghost kills!


Much like humans, PAC-MAN needs to eat fruit to survive. In PAC-MAN 99, fruit is an extremely powerful bonus item that can reset the maze. The one problem is trying to get fruit to respawn. If you know how to get fruit back in the maze, you’ll be able to deal with just about anything your opponents can throw at you.

How to respawn fruit

In order to get fruit to respawn in PAC-MAN 99, you must eat half the dots in the maze. The moment 50% of the dots are missing, a random piece of fruit will spawn right below the ghost jail. The strategy, then, is to figure out whether you need to use the fruit immediately or save it for later. On top of this, with half the maze cleared and the item spawned, you’re also able to focus on increasing your speed and attacking other players.

pac-man 99 fruit respawn
Clear half the maze of dots to get another piece of fruit.

In terms of strategy, the fruit is used to reset a few elements of the maze. As soon as you touch it, all the dots will come back, the sleeping ghosts will appear, and the power pellets will respawn. Furthermore, eating fruit is critical if you want to kill Red Jammer PAC-MAN units that other players send to your maze.

Whenever you do eat a piece of fruit, make sure to try and get it to reappear as quickly as you can. You never want to be in a situation where you have no fruit but your maze is absolutely lousy with Red Jammer PAC-MAN or no sleeping ghosts for you to make into a train.

While getting the fruit to respawn in PAC-MAN 99 is a simple concept to understand, actually pulling it off will require a bit of work. This is especially true later into a match. A good practice would be to clear as much of the board whenever it resets so you always have one available should Red Jammers appear. Chomp on over to the Shacknews PAC-MAN 99 page for more guides and mechanic explanations!

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