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YouTuber shares Monster Hunter Rise PSA on why constant captures limit progress

Did you know there are materials you can't obtain if you capture every Monster Hunter Rise wyvern you come across?


With every Monster Hunter game, and especially in Monster Hunter Rise, it’s extremely appealing to tranq a beast for a capture instead of slaying them. There are materials you have a better chance of scoring via capture, it ends the fight earlier than going for the kill, and everyone will get their rewards without having to make it to the carve. What players might not know is that there are certain monster parts you won’t get via capture. It’s a problem with how easy capture is in Monster Hunter Rise that recently got a full explanation in a helpful YouTube video.

YouTuber and regular Monster Hunter content creator gaijin hunter recently shared why capturing every wyvern you come across in Monster Hunter Rise might be considered bad etiquette with a new PSA video. Why there are undoubtedly multiple benefits to capturing a monster which the game overtly tells you about, what it doesn’t tell you is that there are also materials that cannot be obtained via a capture. And with so many players going for a capture in offline and online games, gaijin hunter explains why that could be a problem in the video below.

In previous Monster Hunter games, there were ways to signal in translated callouts whether you were going for the capture or the kill. Unfortunately, Monster Hunter Rise seems to be missing a “let’s slay” option in its preset messages. That means that online, you’re relying on the goodwill of hunters to behave and follow the lead of the host. However, when capture is so incredibly easy in Monster Hunter Rise (something we lay out in our capture guide), it seems good etiquette isn’t necessarily a given in the face of an easy catch. With that and gaijin hunter’s helpful video above in mind, it’s probably a good idea to feel out the considerations of a lobby’s host and see if they’re looking for a capture or a kill.

Even then, if you’ve wondered why you’re not getting certain monster materials in Monster Hunter Rise, it might be because you are capturing when you should be slaying for the carves. Need to figure out which you should be doing? Be sure to check any monster’s info in your Hunter’s Notes and Large Monsters pages to find out the percentages on their drops for captures and carves and plan accordingly! If you need further help, be sure to check out our guides and walkthroughs in the Monster Hunter Rise topic for helpful tips.

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