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Hearthstone's Book of Mercenaries tells Rokara's story today

A new piece of Hearthstone single-player content is available now, as the Book of Mercenaries' first chapter kicks off a year-long storyline.


While Hearthstone is making sure to provide frequent updates to its various game modes, Blizzard also wants to make sure to provide regular content to those who enjoy the game's single-player component. Throughout the past year, players have experienced bite-sized single-player adventures from the Book of Heroes, each telling the tale of a different character from the main Hearthstone roster. For today, however, Blizzard is taking a detour and diving into the Book of Mercenaries, a long-term story that will dive into some of Azeroth's most fearsome warriors, starting with Rokara.

Here's the full description of Rokara's story, straight from the Hearthstone website:

Born in the snowy land of Alterac Valley, the young Frostwolf orc Rokara has journeyed to Orgrimmar to seek her fortune. As a new Horde recruit, she takes the challenges of the Barrens head on, but when the mysterious troll Kazakus sends her on a deadly quest in search of a magical artifact, Rokara will face her ultimate test.

Rokara's chapter will be the first in a ten-part story, which will unfold over the course of the Year of the Gryphon. That means the full storyline will run through the next two Hearthstone expansions, as well as through the debut of the upcoming Hearthstone Mercenaries game mode. More details on the latter are still expected at a future date.

Hearthstone's Book of Mercenaries has opened up its Rokara chapter today. Those who are able to complete it will receive a Warrior Card Pack, containing only Warrior cards from the current Standard year. If you finish that up and are looking to dive into Standard Ranked play, be sure to check out some of our deck suggestions.

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