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Block your own Suez Canal with this Microsoft Flight Simulator mod

The ship that is currently causing havoc in a popular shipping lane has been turned into a MSFS2020 mod.


As with all things that happen in life, they either eventually become a meme or get turned into some kind of game. The ongoing problem with the Suez Canal being blocked by a cargo ship has now become both. A Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 mod has surfaced, allowing players to block the Suez Canal in their own game.

suez canal microsoft flight simulator 2020 mod

Reported on by Kurt Schlosser of GeekWire, this Microsoft Flight Simulator mod places a massive cargo ship right in the Suez Canal. This faithful recreation of the event currently unfolding in the busy trade route was posted on TikTok by user, donut_enforcement. In the video, the user makes an “announcement” as the plane’s pilot, stating that the passengers should buckle up as they’re about to go down for a flyby.

This Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 mod video was actually picked up and tweeted out by Mat Velloso, technical advisor to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Velloso says, in a tongue-in-cheek manner, that people might use this as a way to figure out solutions for the problem.


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In case you’re blissfully unaware, there is currently a massive cargo ship blocking the Suez Canal, a major trade route through Egypt. The vessel, called Ever Given, is operated by the Taiwanese company Evergreen Marine. This blockage is causing all sorts of headaches for those that use the trading route as well as those trying to get the massive vessel unstuck.

While the world watches on as the operation continues, players can get a unique perspective of the situation by downloading the Microsoft Flight Simulator mod from the site. This 800-odd KB download will add a big cargo ship to the canal, traffic to the north and south, as well as the little tug boats that are trying valiantly to get this thing unstuck.

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