It Takes Two has an Easter egg of Josef Fares' Oscar rant

The Easter egg reminds everyone of exactly what Fares thinks of the Oscars and how it compares to The Game Awards.


Josef Fares is a passionate guy that makes some stellar titles. His latest creation, It Takes Two, contains an Easter egg of his hilarious rant about the Oscars at the 2017 Game Awards show.

Brought to our attention by the omniscient Geoff Keighley, the Easter egg can be found in what seems to be a space-focused part of It Takes Two. The short clip, seen below, shows the two characters standing and listening to a radio broadcast of the famous moment.

For those that might have forgotten this iconic moment, here’s a little reminder. At the Game Awards 2017 show, Josef Fares was brought on-stage with Geoff Keighley to promote his upcoming game, A Way Out. Fares, having travelled to the event, was both jetlagged and extremely excited – a sensation yours truly is familiar with having spent 14 hours on a plane ride to LA for E3.

During the scheduled time to promote A Way Out, Fares went on some tangents to talk up the Game Awards, stating how excited he was to be there and how passionate he was about his team and the game. Fares went on to blast the Oscars, essentially stating it needs to step up its game to compete with the Game Awards. Here’s what he said on the night and what made its way as an Easter egg into It Takes Two:

“Okay, can you swear here? Okay. F*ck the Oscars! You know?  F*ck the Oscars! F*ck you! I’m telling you. This is like… this is bullsh*t! Look, here’s the thing – the gaming industry…”

You can check out the full clip below of Fares promoting A Way Out and Keighley trying to guide a very ecstatic Fares to the point.

Fares continues to position himself as a creator worth following. Not only was A Way Out a great experience, It Takes Two took the co-op journey to the next level. We can’t wait to see what Fares makes, and says, next.

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