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Developer interview: WowCube is a 'new dimension of gaming'

Greg Burke sits down with Max Filin, the CEO of Cubios to talk about WowCube, a new cude-shaped gaming and education device.


Imagine being able to play games like Cut the Rope through a device that looks and acts a lot like Rubik’s Cube. That’s the basic idea of the WowCube, a new immersive gaming device created by Cubios. Recently, Greg Burke took some time to sit down with Max Felin, CEO and co-founder of Cubious to talk about the upcoming device, how you can use it to play games, and even how it can be used for educational purposes.

The WowCube is made up of 24 different screens, all of which can be shifted and turned to different sides of the cube. This allows you to literally move the screens and create different setups for them, something you’ll do in many of the apps and games that are available for it. During the interview with Filin, we got a good look at how a few of the games on the WowCube work, and he even showed us how you can set up new widgets and other things to display information that you find useful.

When you’re done playing a game, you can even shake the WowCube to return to the main menu, allowing you to launch another app by simply tapping on the screen that holds that app’s icon.

The WowCube is planned to release sometime this year, and is expected to retail for around $249.99. No finalized release date has been shared at this time, but you can learn more over on the official website.

You can check out the full interview above for a good look at the  WowCube, as well as to learn more about the device’s backstory and design from Filin himself.

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