All new monsters - Monster Hunter Rise

A quick look at all the new monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.


Monster Hunter Rise features a wealth of new monsters for players track, hunt, and hopefully capture. For those that have been around the series for a while, there are few things as exciting as getting to fight a new type of monster for the first time. So without leaving you waiting, here are the lion's share of the new monsters joining the fight in Monster Hunter Rise.

All new monsters

There are dozens of monsters to hunt in Monster Hunter Rise with more likely joining the game over time if history is anything to go by. Before we dive into the new additions, it almost goes without saying that this is a major spoiler – so stop reading now if you want to keep the new monsters a surprise. For those that want to know what to look out for, check it out.


monster hunter rise new monsters Aknosom

The Aknosom is one of the first new monsters players will face in Monster Hunter Rise. This bird-like monster features a fanned headpiece and wide wings, and is able to quickly move around any area. It also packs a fiery venom and is capable of spitting fireballs once it gets feisty.


monster hunter rise new monsters bishaten

The Bishaten is another of the new monsters introduced to the series. This is a giant fanged beast that looks part monkey, part wyvern and is capable of throwing fruit at unsuspecting hunters. It also uses it's tail as a further appendage to both swing at you like a club, grab onto walls, or load with fruit in its grip to blast you with some explosive attacks.

Goss Harag

monster hunter rise new monsters goss harag

Goss Harag is a massive fanged beast that looks like a kind of yeti. Hunters would do well to come prepared for an icy fight, as it is able to blast out cold attacks. It's also capable of forming a giant blade of ice over one of its paws. You'd better watch out for both the damage and range this development brings to the fight when it does this.

Great Izuchi

monster hunter rise new monsters great izuchi

The Great Izuchi is a wily beast and, aside from the Aknosom, is probably the first new addition hunters will battle in Monster Hunter Rise. This bird wyvern will inspire the smaller Izuchi to fight alongside it, all while spinning around, slicing at you with its blade-like tail. It's even capable of coordinating with the smaller Izuchi for team-based attacks.


monster hunter rise new monsters magnamalo

The Magnamalo is a large fanged wyvern that is all about raw damage. This beast doesn’t feature any elemental attacks but it does utilize something called Hellfire ailment attacks. Not only can it release this blight in a cloud and ignite it in sudden explosion, but it can also wreath its limbs and tail in hellfire to hit you with even deadlier attacks. Expect a brutal fight against this huge beast, as even it can make other monsters cower.


monster hunter rise new monsters rakna-kadaki

Rakna-Kadaki is sure to send arachnophobic hunters into a cold sweat. This monster is a Temnoceran, a type of monsters not usually seen in the series. This spider-like monsters features a whole lot of webbing and fire attacks, so don’t get caught lest you be burned. If you get slowed down by its thread, you are very likely in for a terrible beating.


monster hunter rise new monsters somnacanth

The Somnacanth is a Leviathan-type monster in Monster Hunter Rise. This huge beast is found around bodies of water and is able to put its prey to sleep. Watch out for its mist breath attacks before it puts you down to bed. You'd also best watch out when it slides around on its back as it can clap various clam-like endemic life on its belly for flash or explosive attacks.


monster hunter rise new monsters tetranadon

Finally, there’s the Tetranadon, another new monster that hunters will get to experience in Monster Hunter Rise. This amphibious monster utilizes water attacks in both the element and ailment slots. It can also ingest rocks, which make it deal more damage at the cost of speed. When it gobbles up bits of the ground below it, it will swell up and begin to throw its weight around. Add its propensity for sumo-like moves to the fight and you'd best get out of the way, lest it try to gobble you up next.

There are several new monsters in Monster Hunter Rise that players will be able to hunt and capture. As the game continues to be supported in the future, it would not be surprising to see even more new additions introduced to the game. Keep on your toes as you’re facing against these new wyverns and come prepared for a fight. To help you claim victory, read over the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page, it’s here you’ll find a wealth of information vital to hunters of varying skills.

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