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How to get Dango Tickets - Monster Hunter Rise

Earn Dango Tickets and start unlocking the full potential of Bunny Dangos in Monster Hunter Rise.


Dango Tickets are a new resource introduced with Monster Hunter Rise. Much like the other resources and material in the game, Dango Tickets aren’t super common when first starting out, nor is it obvious how to get them. A quick run around Kamura village and it will quickly become apparent how to get them and where to use them, but let’s save you the time.

How to get Dango Tickets

monster hunter rise dango tickets

Dango Tickets are a useful item that allows you to purchase Bunny Dangos without spending precious Zenny or Kamura Points. To earn Dango Tickets, you must visit the Canteen and use the Motley Mix to transform food into other things. One example is to transform Raw Meat into Well-done Steak. By using this system, you will be rewarded with a Dango Ticket. Make multiple things at once and you can get multiple tickets in one pass. We found turning six Raw Meats into Well-done Steaks would often award three Dango Tickets (but also sometimes just two).

You can check how many Dango Tickets you have, or whether you have any, by visiting an Item Box (found in your room or beside Hinoa) and finding the paper icon under “Other”. While at the Canteen and ordering your Bunny Dango, you can also press the corresponding button to try and apply a Dango Ticket (on Nintendo Switch this is the X button).

How to use Dango Tickets

monster hunter rise use dango tickets

As for actually using Dango Tickets, that is also done at the Canteen. These Dango Tickets aren’t used to pay for a meal, instead, they increase the chances of the Bunny Dango’s effects occurring. A Dango that had a 55% chance of activating may increase to 95%. This basically ensures you get the most out of each meal.

While not essential to capturing monsters and making progress through the story, Dango Tickets will be helpful for those looking to farm specific drops or increase certain attributes for a tough fight. Because of this, it can be worth to use the Motley Mix every so often so you don’t run low on the tickets. Be sure to stop the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for other mechanic explanations and guides!

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