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How to fish - Monster Hunter Rise

Start catching fish in Monster Hunter Rise by learning how to fish and where you can cast off.


Much like in previous titles, fishing returns once more to Monster Hunter Rise. Those budding anglers out there among the world will no doubt want to know how to fish, where to fish, and what sort of goodies can be caught. The good news is that fishing in Monster Hunter Rise is available practically right out of the gate and it’s as calming as every to drop a line and catch some fish.

How to fish

monster hunter rise fishing locations

Fishing in Monster Hunter World is exceptionally easy. There’s no need to buy a fishing rod, bait, or even unlock the ability. All you need to do is find a body of water where fish can be found and interact with it. This is done by approaching the water’s edge with your weapon sheathed and pressing the A button when the fishing icon pops up.

monster hunter rise how to fish
monster hunter rise how to fish

You will see a vertical line drawn in the water – this indicates where you will cast out the line. Move it around to where the fish are and then press A. With the line in the water, wait for a fish to approach it and as soon as the bobber goes under the water, press A again to start reeling it in. From here on out, it’s all automatic, no need to mash the A button.

Depending on your luck, and what type of fish you’re targeting in the water, what you will receive will be different. There are things like Whetfish, Goldenfry and Sushifish to catch.

One of the first locations where you can fish is the Shrine Ruins, up in Area 6. This is right below the waterfall, in a nice deep pool of water. This location lets you fish all kinds of fish, like the Great Whetfish and the Goldenfry. There are also other fishing locations dotted around the other areas, all you need to do is find them and start fishing!

Now that you’ve got the basics of fishing down, you can start casting out your line in Monster Hunter Rise and start catching fish. While you’re waiting for that next fish to bite, take a moment to look over the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for more helpful info and tips to become the best hunter you can be.

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