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How to play co-op - Monster Hunter Rise

A complete guide on how to set up a co-op session in Monster Hunter Rise, how to join a friend, and how to start a quest or hunt.


Playing Monster Hunter Rise co-op with a friend is one of the best ways to experience the game. For players that are looking to experience all the game has to offer, setting up a co-op lobby, joining a co-op lobby, and otherwise going on a quest with friends will be something they want to get started on right away. While all of this is possible fairly quickly, it can be a bit complicated for those just starting out. Here’s everything you need to know about playing Monster Hunter Rise co-op.

Before you begin playing Monster Hunter Rise co-op, you will first need to have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, be connected to the internet, and complete the game’s tutorial missions.

How to host a co-op lobby

play co-op monster hunter rise
Senri the Mailman will be your go-to for all things Monster Hunter Rise co-op.

Hosting a co-op lobby for your friends to join in Monster Hunter Rise offers quite a few options. Complete the following steps to create the lobby, which will then allow you to invite your friends and start a quest:

  1. Speak with Senri the Mailman Palico
  2. Choose Play Online
  3. Create a Lobby
  4. Change settings if you want – create a passcode if you only want friends joining
  5. Click Create

Before you can play co-op, you will need to complete the game’s tutorials and introductions. This shouldn’t take you too long but amounts to running around the Kamura village talking with people.

With that out of the way, you can focus on setting up a lobby. For all things related to playing Monster Hunter Rise with friends, you will need to talk with Senri the Mailman. Senri is a little Palico by the main stairs of the Steelworks section, to the left of the smithy and directly across from your equipment box.

Choose to play Online and then create a lobby. If you don’t want to create a lobby, this menu also allows you to search for a lobby using an ID. In the lobby creation screen, you will be able to edit some of the different parameters, such as Hunter Rank limitations and what type of quest you want to play. Make sure you set a passcode if you do not want strangers joining.

When the lobby is created, you will need to either share the Lobby ID with them or have them join you via the Friend List. To find the Lobby ID, speak with Senri and select Lobby Settings, the ID is in the bottom right. You can also invite a friend to your lobby via the Friend List. Find their name and select Send Lobby Invite.

With the lobby created, you can then get your friends to join. You will also need to head into the Gathering Hub to speak with Minoto about what type of quest you wish to go on, like an Expedition. This is where you will start the quest – and also where you can eat some Dango to power up before the hunt.

How to join your friend’s lobby

For those that want to join a friend’s Monster Hunter Rise lobby for some co-op fun, the process is straightforward (once you know how).

If your friend is on your Nintendo Switch friends list:

  1. Speak with Senri the Mailman
  2. Go to Friend List
  3. Select your friend’s name and select join lobby
The Lobby ID is how people can join your lobby. If someone is on your friend's list, they can join via the in-game Friend List and use the Passcode.

If you are connecting to someone that is not on your friend list, you will need to connect using the Lobby ID:

  1. Speak with Senri the Mailman
  2. Go to Play Online
  3. Search by Lobby ID
  4. Input the Lobby ID

How to leave a lobby

Whether you’re the host or someone along for the ride, sometimes you may need or want to leave a co-op lobby. To leave a lobby, go and speak with Senri the Mailman and choose Leave Lobby.

How to start a co-op quest

Now that you have a Monster Hunter Rise co-op lobby set up, you will need to select a quest and head off on the hunt.

  1. Go to the Gathering Hub
  2. Speak with Minoto
  3. Choose which Hunter Rank quests to do and select the quest
  4. Have your friends accept the quest from the Quest Board to the right of Minoto
  5. When everyone is ready, go to the Hub Quest Gate (blue banner) or press ZR

The host will need to pick the type of quest everyone in the party will be going on. To do this, approach Minoto at the quest counter and select which type of quest to do. The more stars, the more challenging the quest.

monster hunter rise start co-op quest
When the host selects the quest, the other players should accept it from the Quest Board.

Once the quest is selected, the other players will need to accept it from the Quest Board. At this stage, you can take some time preparing your equipment or eating Dango at the canteen. When everyone is ready, either go through the Hub Quest Gate or press the ZR button. The players that are ready to go will have a checkmark on the ticket icon beside their name.

You can also use the Quest Board to search for a Join Request quest. This is basically an SOS quest, where another player has requested backup or is in need of additional players.

Setting up a co-op lobby in Monster Hunter Rise takes a bit of work but it’s worth the effort if you want to play co-op with friends. In fact, the Hub quests are quite challenging and are specifically designed for a full team of hunters in mind. Take some time to acquaint yourself with Senri the Mailman, as you’ll be speaking with this Palico quite a lot if you want to play a bit of multiplayer. Stop by the Shacknews Monster Hunter Rise page for even more tips and explanations on the game’s various mechanics and systems.

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