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Rainbow Six Siege: Crimson Heist Battle Pass is now open and includes a new Operator

Are you looking to pick up the latest Operator for Rainbow Six Siege? Get started on the new Crimson Heist Battle Pass, which is up and running today.


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has launched its latest update, ushering in the game's Year 6 with Operation Crimson Heist. In addition to a new map rework and a new Operator, players can get to work on the game's latest Battle Pass. And, yes, the Battle Pass does include said Operator.

The game's latest Operator, Flores, will be a part of Tier One of the Premium Battle Pass track. The Premium Battle Pass can be purchased for 1,200 R6 Credits. Given that items usually go away for good after the Battle Pass ends, there may be concern that Flores will only be available for a limited time. Fortunately, that's not the case. As noted in the Battle Pass FAQ, Flores will become available separately to all players for 25,000 Renown or 600 R6 Credits starting on Tuesday, March 30. That means that while the rest of the goodies in the Battle Pass are a limited-time proposition, Flores will remain available long after it's gone.

For those who need a primer on Flores, you can read up on our full hands-on preview with the new Operator. His gadget is the RCE (Ratero Charge), which is basically an explosive device on a drone. The RCE can destroy enemy gadgets, knock down walls, and even incapacitate enemies. That makes this Attacker a valuable ally when it comes to recon and clearing a path ahead. Just make sure you keep the RCE relatively hidden, because it can still be shot down just like any other drone.

In addition to Flores, other Battle Pass rewards will include new Operator gears, weapon skins, R6 Credits, and more. Rewards will be available through both the Premium and free Battle Pass tracks. The Battle Pass begins today and will run through May 24.

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