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Blaster Master Zero 3 blasts its way to release this July

The Blaster Master Zero series will come to an explosive conclusion with the release of Blaster Master Zero 3 later this year.


Blaster Master Zero 3 is on its way! Fans of the Blaster Master series, which was rebooted on the Switch, PC, 3DS, and PS4 as Blaster Master Zero, will see an “epic conclusion” to the game's story when the latest entry in the series arrives this July.

Revealed during the New Game+ Expo, Blaster Master Zero 3 will arrive on Nintendo Switch and other platforms on July 29, 2021. Inti Creates says the game will follow Jason as he fights to save Eve once and for all.

Hordes of mutant enemies await you in Blaster Master Zero 3, and you can check out the full trailer for the reveal below to get a good look at the classic NES-inspired look that the series has become so well-known for. Inti Creates, the developers behind the series’ reboot, also claim that this game will see players having their largest arsenal of weapons and goodies ever in the Blaster Master series.

For those who haven’t checked out the Blaster Master series, the games follow a man named Jason who uses a tank called SOPHIA to explore various areas and take part in side-scrolling combat. This will be the third game in the rebooted series, and it will provide some much-needed closure for the series’ story as a whole. Blaster Master was originally released on the NES by Sunsoft, and the later iterations of the game aim to capture the same look and feel that helped make the original so iconic.

Blaster Master Zero 3 isn’t the only reveal to come out of this year’s New Game+ Expo, so make sure you check out the other reveals, too. Of course, Blaster Master Zero 3 will also release on other platforms, including the PlayStation 4 and PC. We’ll continue to keep an eye out for more details, so check back with Shacknews later for more info.

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