Dead by Daylight's new All-Kill Chapter features a K-Pop killer

Behaviour Interactive actually teamed up with a musician and producer from the K-Pop scene to ensure Dead by Daylight's new killer and survivor were done right.


Dead by Daylight is as full of good original content as it is with guest stories and icons of the horror pantheon, but its next Chapter of new goods might be more outlandish than any we’ve seen before. Behaviour Interactive has revealed its next set of characters - a killer and survivor – in its next Chapter, titled “All-Kill,” and the entire thing is themed around K-Pop music.

Behaviour Interactive got together with IGN for an exclusive reveal of its next content recently, during which new killer The Trickster and new survivor Yun-Jin were revealed. The Trickster, named Ji-Woon, is a psychopathic K-Pop star with a taste for murder. The character’s visuals, animations, and Perks are full of sadistic vanity and showmanship. For instance, he wields knives that he can throw one at a time or in a sudden flurry to injure opponents and get close to them for the kill. Also, one of his perks, Starstruck, will Expose characters in his Terror Radius for a short time when he picks up and carries an injured survivor.

The Trickster got his first taste for blood from killing his first bandmates. From there, he developed a thirst for murder that pervaded his music and showmanship.
The Trickster got his first taste for blood from killing his first bandmates. From there, he developed a thirst for murder that pervaded his music and showmanship, and got the attention of Dead by Daylight's mysterious force, The Entity.

On the survivor side, Yun-Jin Lee arrives alongside The Trickster, having once been a producer of his music. Yun-Jin has perks that work when her teammates are hurt or in danger. With Fast Track for instance, Yun-Jin gains a token every time another survivor is hooked that allows her to get a progression bonus when she gets great skill checks on generators.

An impressive sidenote, Behaviour Interactive was so interested in getting the K-Pop aspect of their new characters right that they actually brought in real-life talent close to the scene to aid in the creation of the All-Kill Chapter. K-Pop band U-KISS singer and songwriter Kevin Woo and Grammy-Award winning Canadian music producer DJ Swivel joined in to consult with Behaviour and ensure the look, feel, and lore of these characters. It’s that extra step that has made Behaviour so successful and surprising with their original content, as we spoke with them about in a recent interview regarding The Realm Beyond remastering of the game and other topics.

The All-Kill Chapter, along with The Trickster and Jun-Win, has arrived in Public Test Build servers for Dead by Daylight on Steam. It will come to all available platforms at a later date. Stay tuned as we continue to follow for new updates and information.

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