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When does the Outriders demo end?

Find out exactly when the Outriders demo ends, so you know how long you have left to enjoy this small slice of People Can Fly's sci-fi shooter before it goes away.


People Can Fly, the studio behind BulletStorm, is set to release a new game called Outriders at the beginning of April. Those interested in trying out the title before its release can download a demo and try it out right now. But when does this demo end? We’ve got all the info you need right here.

When does the Outriders demo end?

when does the outriders demo end?
There is no end date for the Outriders demo.

Unlike other demos for unreleased games, the Outriders demo does not have a planned end date, and People Can Fly has confirmed that it will remain live up until launch and even after launch. This means you have an unlimited amount of time to jump in and try the title out.

With no time limit set on the demo, you might be curious to know more about what all it entails. Well, People Can Fly revealed on February 19 that the demo would include the prologue and the first chapter of the game. It also includes up to six character slots, all four launch classes, and a cap at Level 7 in character progression. You’ll be able to experience up to World Tier 5 through the difficulty settings, which should give you a very good look at what to expect from those later tiers.

Another key point to remember is that once the game launches on April 1, 2021, users will be able to transfer all of their game data over from the demo. This means any weapons, progression, mission unlocks, and more that has been completed and acquired will move over to the live game with you. It is also worth noting that Outriders is not a live service game, so users who pick up the demo won’t have to worry about the content within it ever becoming out-of-date as it has with other looter shooters like Destiny 2.

For more on the Outriders demo, or just more info about the game in general, head over to our Outriders page.

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