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Pokemon Legends Arceus revealed during Pokemon Presents, coming 2022

Pokemon Legends Arceus looks to be a bigger, brighter adventure for Pokemon fans and is set to arrive early 2022.


It looks like we’re finally getting the next-generation Pokémon adventure that fans have been longing for. Today, during the Pokémon 25th Anniversary Presents livestream, The Pokémon Company revealed upcoming action RPG, Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

While a new Pokémon game is always exciting in and of itself, Legends looks exceptionally good because of how much it appears to take the series forward, featuring in-world Pokémon catching, smoother and more detailed Pokémon combat animations—something hardcore fans have been wanting for a long time now—and even open-world gameplay.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is officially described as a prequel set in the Sinnoh region, taking place many years before the events of Diamond and Pearl. In the reveal trailer, we see that the starters will be Cyndaquil, Rowlett, and Oshawott, marrying previous generations. We also see what the trainers will look like, as they bear a vague resemblance to the trainer designs from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Not much is known about the story other than the fact that it will star Arceus, the “God” of all Pokemon, if you will. Originally introduced in generation 4’s Diamond and Pearl, Arceus is one of the most powerful creatures in the series. From the announcement, we see that Pokemon Legends Arceus is going to be a singular game, rather than being split into two. Another departure from past Pokemon traditions.

It's unclear if Pokemon Legends Arceus will mark the beginning of a new generation, or if it will technically be considered an extension of generation 8. No detailed release date was given, but The Pokémon Company did announce that the game should arrive sometime in early 2022. With Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl set to release later this year, Pokémon fans should have more than enough to keep them busy until Pokémon Legends: Arceus arrives.

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  • reply
    February 26, 2021 7:27 AM

    Josh Hawkins posted a new article, Pokemon Legends Arceus revealed during Pokemon Presents, coming 2022

    • reply
      February 26, 2021 8:39 AM

      The overworld pokemon being rendered at like 10 fps is a huge red flag for me. Hoping it's just a super early build but gamefreak doesn't have my vote of confidence at the moment.

      • reply
        February 26, 2021 9:28 AM

        Yeah, it seems really early, it also seems like exactly what I want in a Pokemon game so I might get it regardless of performance problems :/

      • reply
        February 26, 2021 11:59 AM

        Ya it's super early. They didn't even show the UI, but now i can finally justify a new Pokemon game purchase after years.

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