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How to save - Bravely Default 2

Learn how to save your progress so you never have to worry about losing your place in Bravely Default 2.


Now that Bravely Default 2 has arrived on the Nintendo Switch, countless JRPGs fans will no doubt be jumping in to experience the latest tale set within the Bravely Default universe. Much like other RPGs out there, saving your game can be a bit complicated, which is why we’ve outlined everything below.

How to save - Bravely Default 2

Saving in Bravely Default 2 happens occasionally, especially after completing certain missions and quests. But, if you find yourself needing to save manually, then you can also do that. There are a few caveats, though. First, you can’t save when in a dungeon, unless you happen to reach one of the many Save Points situated throughout the dungeon. As such, you’ll need to leave any Dungeons and head out into the open world to save your game.

how to save - bravely default 2
You can save from the Options menu in Bravely Default 2.

To save, open up the Main Menu while in-game by pressing X on the Nintendo Switch Joycon or Pro Controller. From here, scroll down and select Options. You should now see several options, including Save.

Select Save from the list and then choose the file that you want to write the data to. We recommend holding onto a few different save files at key parts of the game, as this can let you go back and experience those parts of the game later on without having to completely replay through the entire story. Or, if you prefer to keep things more organized, you can also just save everything in a single file. Figure out which method works best and stick with it to avoid any confusion later down the road.

Now that you know how to save, you’re a bit better equipped for your journey than before. For more help, make sure you check out our Bravely Default 2 page, or head over to our guide on how to change Jobs, which will let you switch up which abilities your character is using and more.

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