Minecraft Dungeons gets Flames of the Nether DLC and revamped endgame

Minecraft Dungeons ventures into the Nether for its latest DLC, but there's also some free content for those interested in the dungeon crawler's endgame.


When Minecraft Dungeons first released back in the middle of 2020, there was some concern that Mojang would only release a few DLC packs and call it a day. That proved to not be the case over the subsequent months, with the studio announcing new DLC packs for the future. One of them is ready today, taking players into the Flames of the Nether. And for those looking for a challenge, Minecraft Dungeons is also getting some tweaks to its endgame.

Flames of the Nether was announced earlier this month. As the title implies, this is Minecraft Dungeons' first venture into the dangerous Nether. Players will take part in six missions across reimagined biomes. There are rare artifacts, weapons, and gear ahead, but the Nether's mobs promise to be some of the most powerful to date. Like previous DLCs, the Flames of the Nether will sell for $5.99 USD and include two new skins and a Baby Ghast pet.

However, on top of the paid DLC, there's some noteworthy free stuff coming to Minecraft Dungeons. The most exciting additions appear to relate to its endgame, specifically a new feature called Ancient Hunts. This will see players sacrifice items and points in order to create special missions containing rare ancient mobs. Prevailing over the ancient mobs will allow players to claim the hard-to-find Gilded gear. The variety of Gilded gear that players find will vary depending on the combination of points and items sacrificed.

Apocalypse Plus, first detailed at Minecraft Live, is also getting some changes. The main progression system will be compressed to ten levels, while 15 new levels will be available for endgame players. Every third Apocalypse Plus level will be locked behind a boss mission. DLC is not required to take part in Apocalypse Plus. More details on this can be found on the Minecraft Dungeons website.

Minecraft Dungeons' Flames of the Nether DLC is available on all of the game's platforms. This surely isn't the end for Minecraft Dungeons, as it looks like the game will be supported for the long haul, just like its mainline big brother.

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