VoiceMod is the add-on you need for your Discord chats

Whether you're improving your voice quality for meetings or creating unique characters for a D&D campaign, VoiceMod has you covered.


Back in the early days of Xbox Live, players used to be able to use a filter to change the pitch and tone of their voice. It was rather simplistic. Nowadays, there are companies like VoiceMod out there that make platforms that allow users to create some truly ground-breaking filters. Shacknews recently had the pleasure of speaking with Alex Bordanova, Director of Audio Experience for VoiceMod, about how the service works and what makes it so incredible. Please, take a look!

VoiceMod is, much like the early days of online gaming voice filters, a voice-changing platform albeit significantly more advanced. It can function is a tool to simply improve how your voice sounds, to make it better quality for family interactions or work conferences, but there is the other side of it too, one used to creativity and fun.

But one of the biggest boons of VoiceMod is how easy it is to integrate with Discord. Users can even hear how they sound, filter included, through Discord using VoiceMod. This certainly helps cut down on the need for passthrough setups and other complicated cabling arrangements.

Another advantage of VoiceMod is that the program is cloud-based. Users are able to log on when using a different device and still have access to their catalogue of sounds and modifications. Bordanova puts it, “What we are trying to achieve is to have an app where you just have your account and wherever you go, you can just look up your stuff and play with it”.

Overall, VoiceMod is certainly an impressive piece of software that streamers and content creators alike will find useful. Even the average gamer will no doubt have some fun exploring what’s available in VoiceMod. You can download the program now from VoiceMod.net and start playing around with what’s available. Be sure to also check out the Shacknews and GamerHubTV YouTube channels for more interviews and video content like this.

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