Player defeats Hades with a true Pom of Power

It might just be a power-up in the game, but one player showed that when you run wires through an actual pomegranate, you too can harness fruit to overcome Hades.


Hades is quite a difficult game, requiring expert timing and a bit of luck of the draw if you want to live long enough to make it out of heck. Poms of Power are a part of that experience, giving you the capabilities you need to survive and overcome. One player took that a little more literally recently, using wires and an actual pomegranate to create a makeshift controller and beat Hades with it.

Twitch streaming personality Dylan “Rudeism” Beck recently took a juicy pomegranate and repurposed it into his tool of victory in his efforts to beat Hades. Known for crafting and using an array of unconventional controllers to defeat various games, Rudeism took on the challenge of playing Hades with a Pomegranate converted into a game controller in a video posted on February 14, 2021. His new Inderal Arms in hand, Rudeism then followed up with a full victory in Hades using the messy controller composed of wires and input from the fruit’s seeds. You can see the video featuring his victory just below.

It looks like quite the sticky experience to say the least and Rudeism blows it at the finish line more than a couple times, but we feel that should probably be expected when you’re trying to take on the challenge of Hades with only the seeds of a pomegranate as your input device for the game. The final victory against the final boss as Rudeism rapidly taps the fruit’s power is amazing and perfectly suitable given the fruit’s place in the game as one of its important power-ups and room rewards.

Congratulations on sweet victory to Rudeism. Your Pom of Power was truly too much for Hades and his deadly underworld domain. Need your own Pom of Power, as in tips and tricks? Be sure to check out our Hades coverage for help and strategies on many of the game’s unique features.

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