Watch the rover Perseverance land on Mars here

The rover was launched last summer and is expected to land on Mars this afternoon.


One of the coolest parts of living in the future is you get to witness wild exhibitions of technology. One such exhibition will occur this afternoon as NASA's Perseverance rover will be touching down onto the surface of Mars. The eyes of the world will be looking to the sky as the dawn of a new era in space exploration begins. Lucky for us, the event will be livestreamed so that anyone can witness history.

Mars rover Perseverance landing

The team at NASA is offering a public livestream of today’s rover touchdown via its Youtube Channel. The stream is live right now, though the rover is not expected to land until 3:55 p.m. ET (12:55 p.m PT). You can watch the stream live in the embed below.

The mission to Mars officially kicked off last summer when Perseverance was launched on July 30, 2021. Perseverance is packed with 19 cameras and two microphones. It will be capable of returning data to NASA that is beyond anything attempted prior. The mission also includes a solar-powered helicopter drone experiment known as Ingenuity. The drone will be responsible for scouting paths for Perseverance as part of the 30-day mission. 

This exciting development is the first step towards a future where I become a secret agent on Mars who has my memories wiped and an evil conglomerate hires Sharon Stone to be my fake wife up until she tries to kill me.

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