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Microsoft Flight Simulator modder drops r/WallStreetBets mascot on Wall Street

Because after all, where else in Microsoft Flight Simulator's digital world are you going to put a giant WallStreetBets Chad complete with diamond hands?


Microsoft Flight Simulator is an incredibly unique sandbox for modding in that it utilizes real-world locations and map data to create its in-game geography. That includes the type of locations that can be used for the latest ongoing memes. Anyone who has followed GameStop these last couple of weeks is probably aware of the absolutely bonkers jump in stock price from the concentrated efforts of Subreddit WallStreetBets and day traders that joined in on the action to wreck shorts on the stock. Things might be cooling down on the GameStop stock, but it didn’t keep a modder from going into Microsoft Flight Simulator and leaving a giant version of r/WallStreetBets mascot Chad prominently displayed none other than on Wall Street itself in-game.

The timely mod comes courtesy of the Microsoft Flight Simulator Subreddit, where user and modder Oh_Gaz shared their latest creation on February 10, 2021. We’ve seen giant Xboxes and Godzillas modded into Microsoft Flight Simulator before, but this is a giant of a different variety, namely r/WallStreetBets mascot Chad placed prominently on top of Wall Street, and complete with some stubborn diamond hands.

I placed a giant WallStreetBets Chad on top of Wall Street, because it seemed appropriate. from r/MicrosoftFlightSim

This is, of course, a timely reference to r/WallStreetBets orchestrating the recent shake-up on GameStop stock that saw the stock shares jump to around $500 a share for a short time. The move got the attention of Wall Street hedge fund managers, the Robinhood trade app, and members of the US Congress in short order, though the volatility of the stock seems to be cooling down recently. Regardless, it’s a cheeky thing to put representation of the folks who played a major hand in causing the fracas prominently on top of the establishment they most certainly disrupted.

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