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Overwatch 2021 Lunar New Year event begins this Thursday

Overwatch's annual Lunar New Year event is set to begin this week, as Blizzard kicks off the teases for new skins.


Overwatch has a handful of major events every year. Blizzard recently wrapped up the Winter Wonderland event, so now it's time to look ahead to the annual Lunar New Year celebration. And it looks like that time has arrived, because the Overwatch team announced that the event is set to kick off this coming Thursday.

The Overwatch Lunar New Year announcement came with the reveal of a new outfit for Ashe. She'll become the Tiger Huntress, which not only gives a distinctive new look, but also completely reskins B.O.B. into a giant, fearsome tiger man. Think someone like Tiger Claw from TMNT.

What else will the Lunar New Year event feature? Well, we don't know yet. Ashe's new outfit is the only major reveal so far, other than the theme, which will revolve around the Year of the Ox. Look for more details to arrive closer to the time of the event, which will likely include a few more skin reveals. Overwatch's Lunar New Year celebrations often feature brand new seasonal skins, as well as some cool limited-time games for Arcade mode. For example, last year's celebration for the Year of the Rat featured a Capture the Flag variant, while 2017's Year of the Rooster challenged players to capture flags adorned with roosters.

We'll learn more about Overwatch's Lunar New Year plans in the days ahead. In the meantime, be sure to mark your calendar for Thursday, February 4, because that's when the fun will begin. The Overwatch Lunar New Year event will run until Thursday, February 25.

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