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IKEA and ASUS ROG collaboration brings 30 new gaming products to market

From drawers and desks to chairs and mouse bungee cords, IKEA and ROG have designed these products with the player in mind.


IKEA and ASUS Republic of Gamers have come together to develop a range of gaming products, including furniture and other accessories. The new range consists of roughly 30 products, with plans to launch in China in February 2021, with products being available in other IKEA markets in October.

The announcement of the IKEA and ASUS ROG collaboration was first made back in September 2020, but now would-be buyers can check out what products are on offer in this new range of gaming related furniture.

IKEA gaming drawers
Each product has been designed with the player as the focal point.

The official gaming section of the IKEA site highlights these new products. IKEA makes note on the page that it is a “fledgling player in the gaming industry” which is why it has teamed up with ROG to “better understand the daily lives of loyal PC gamers”. This has resulted in a diverse selection of tables, chairs, storage spaces, and accessories that have been specifically designed with the player in mind.

One particularly interesting accessory is the LÅNESPELARE. For the laymen out there, this is a cup holder for your coffee mug or tea cup. Being able to have a secure cup holder that isn’t built into the desk and can be moved around is a rather appealing concept. There are a host of other accessories, including drawers, a headset stand, mouse bungee cord, and ring light.

As noted above, these products are currently only available in China. IKEA has plans to bring these products to its other markets in Q4 of 2021. Be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews as we bring you the latest from the gaming industry, from fresh game announcements to unique collaborations like this one.

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