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Rumor: Death Stranding may get Extended Edition featuring new story content

Kojima Entertainment's Death Stranding hasn't been released on PlayStation 5 but new rumors indicate this may change.


Death Stranding divided the gaming community when it first released and then become almost a prophetic message as we all slogged through 2020. But, according to rumors that have popped up on ResetEra, Kojima Production’s latest title might have a little bit more story to tell.

A recent Reddit thread by poklane has highlighted a discussion on ResetEra. This thread specifically focuses on the ResetEra user that goes by the name of Navtra. Apparently, Navtra has “correctly predicted” a few things Sony has previously shown off, and Navtra’s latest prediction? Death Stranding: Extended Edition featuring new story content.

death stranding extended edition rumored
Death Stranding has yet to receive a full PS5 version, but an Extended Edition is rumored to be in the works.

The discussion leapt into action after Navtra suggested users might want to wait on purchasing Death Stranding. What followed were users trying to squeeze as much information from Navtra as possible. One user asked, “Death Stranding: Extended Edition coming to PS4 and PS5? Just want to confirm what I got told is true.” To which Navtra replied, “Yup.” Navtra also stated that “there’s new story content” in the version that is supposedly coming.

A release of an extended edition of Death Stranding would follow the game’s release on PC in 2020. Players were actually expecting an announcement to that effect back in December when Kojima Productions tweeted out that a special update would be taking place to celebrate the company’s five-year anniversary. What players received were some themed wallpapers, five year anniversary products being sold via the company’s store, and a documentary about Hideo Kojima being awarded the Fellowship Award by BAFTA.

The story told in Death Stranding is already quite compelling, so fans are sure to be pleased to hear any rumors related to more narrative being included. Whether or not this comes to fruition remains to be seen as any good rumor on the internet should be taken with the net weight of salt the internet is capable of producing. In saying that, Kojima has stated Death Stranding was profitable enough to fund the next game project. Perhaps there might be one last dip into the American wasteland before then?

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