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Hornback on Rogue

Blues News has an open letter from Rogue's Stephen Hornback addressing the situation at Rogue Entertainment since the cancellation of the Playstation 2 port of American McGee's Alice which they are working on. He also offers his opinion on the current developer/publisher relationship.

After hearing a few of the outrageous stories from some of my fellow developers who came from other companies (not to mention my own experiences), I've realized that many game producers as well as publishers are out to only line their own pockets at the expense of all else including what got them there in the first place, the talent. With so many people desperately trying to break into the gaming industry, it's easy for a producer or publisher to dump the talent so they can pay minimum wage to the new guy on the block. Is this philosophy helping to make better games for the masses? Unfortunately, this formula often leads to a degree of failure for the offending company and greater competition for the violator (the latter of which is maybe a good thing after all). But, overall, what a sad development for this industry. However, again I must say that this never happened at Rogue; so I feel very fortunate indeed to still be associated with the company. ...

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