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Twitch permanently bans Ryan Haywood, former Rooster Teeth employee

The video game streaming giant continues to clean up its platform.


Twitch has permanently banned Ryan Haywood from its platform. The former Rooster Teeth employee was let go from the video production company after numerous allegations of sexual assault and statutory rape came to light. This ban follows a large push from the community for Twitch to take action.

This news comes via Rod “Slasher” Breslau on January 20, 2021. The industry insider posted on his Twitter account that Ryan Haywood had been “indefinitely suspended/permanently banned” from Twitch following his return to the platform last week. While Twitch’s official statement is “no comment”, the action alone speaks volumes to the community that have been pushing for action.

Late last year, allegations started pouring in regarding Ryan Haywood. Many of the allegations followed a similar vein of grooming, manipulation, sexual abuse, and in some instances, statutory rape. Marie Dealessandri over at has written a piece outlining some of the allegations and stories.

Following Haywood’s firing from Rooster Teeth, Michael Jones and Jack Pattillo made a heart-felt statement on a stream regarding the situation. The clip can be seen below, courtesy of Inept Robot.

The permanent ban of Ryan Haywood from Twitch is just one more important ban to come to light this week. Earlier today, Donald Trump was permanently banned from Twitch as well. For those that would like some more information on the allegations against Haywood, the Survivors of Ryan Twitter account has some anonymous information worth reading through.

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