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DC Universe Online CEO on its 10-year anniversary and future plans

DC Universe Online has hit the 10-year milestone and Shacknews celebrates with Dimensional Ink CEO Jack Emmert.


This year marks a major milestone for DC Universe Online. The superhero MMORPG is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. The team at Dimensional Ink has kicked off the game's anniversary celebration by granting special freebies to its players. However, the fun isn't going to end here. There's more to come in DC Universe Online and to learn more, we spoke with Dimensional Ink CEO Jack Emmert.

"There's simply no other experience like [DCUO], where you can play in the DC Universe as your own character," Emmert told Shacknews. "That has a lot of power and a lot of draw. And of course, superheroes have only grown bigger and bigger in the mainstream in the past decade and so I think that provides a great deal of staying power."

DCUO has had a lot of highlights over the past ten years, including 39 premium episodes, which have explored all corners of the DC Universe. And that includes more than the DC Comics multiverse. It also extends across DC's media empire, exploring lore from the company's live action shows, animated series, and movies. Emmert remembers many of those episodes fondly, but also recalls the effort it took to bring some of them to life, with Atlantis coming to mind.

"Basically, everybody could fly, because they were swimming," Emmert added. "But then we created practically all-new assets to create the city of Atlantis, which was pretty big and obviously that's a big undertaking. We weren't reutilizing much at all. And we were very aggressive with some of the raids, some of the content in there, there was a lot of really big stuff."

Over the course of the interview, Emmert goes further into what's next for DC Universe Online, specifically storylines and how they'll tie into existing content. He also talks about the recent Legion of Super-Heroes content, some of the setbacks caused by the pandemic, and more about the future of DCUO.

DC Universe Online is celebrating its 10-year anniversary right now. For more interviews, guides, and content, be sure to subscribe to Shacknews and GamerHub.TV on YouTube.

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