Razer Project Hazel release date and price

Here's everything we know about Razer's Project Hazel release date and price.


CES 2021 has brought to light quite a few interesting devices this year. Perhaps one of the more intriguing, though, is Razer’s smart mask concept, Project Hazel. Those interested in Razer’s RGB-powered mask with rechargeable ventilators have no doubt been wondering when the Project Hazel release date is and how much the device will cost. Here’s what we know so far.

Razer Project Hazel release date and price

As it stands at this moment, Project Hazel is simply a concept. This means that everything about the device we’ve seen so far could change or could even never be fully produced and sold. Because of this, we do not currently know a release date or even any kind of price range for the device.

Razer Project Hazel release date and price

Of course, with Covid-19 still an ongoing issue, it is possible we could see Razer actually pushing forward with a mask of this type, especially if the demand is there. Despite its RGB additions, the mask is really an innovative product, offering rechargeable ventilators and built-in UV sanitization. There are also other great features, like the light-up mouth area and the microphone that helps others hear what you’re saying despite being muffled by the mask material itself.

It will be interesting to see how and if development of Project Hazel moves forward. We won’t speculate on pricing just yet because it’s hard to say where Razer would price this kind of device if it actually came to market.

While Project Hazel doesn’t have a release date yet, you can head back over to our CES 2021 hub for more info on the latest tech and devices that companies are putting together. Project Hazel isn’t the only concept that Razer has out right now, the company also revealed an immersion-focused gaming chair designed to help you fully get into the games that you’re playing.

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